Posted by: kaitlynann5678 | May 22, 2010

Good Morning Vietnam!

After going back in time and visiting the Vietnam of yesteryears we decided that for our second day in Saigon we would focus on all the wonderful things this fantastic city has to offer to us today.  With this as our mind set we decided to travel as the locals do… by scooter!  Now I have never been on a scooter or motorcycle or vespa for that matter and I was scared out of my mind to hop on the back of a scooter taxi and join the ranks of the hundreds of other people traveling in this fashion.  We first got this idea of taking scooter taxis from our musical director Dan back in Florida.  The only thing he told us to do in the entire world before we joined the ship was to ride on the back of a scooter in Saigon… so, I mean, how could we not!

We wanted to go to a local noodle house for breakfast so we gave our drivers the address and off we went.  And let me tell you… it was awesome!  The thrill of winding in and out of traffic, speeding up and slowing down… It was like an amusement park ride!  I don’t think I stopped laughing for a long time but once I settled into the groove of it all I could not imagine traveling any other way.  I felt so free with the wind full of city smells whipping at my face… It definitely beat sitting in the back of a taxicab!  Once we arrived at the noodle house our drivers insisted on waiting for us so we went inside and orders noodles with all the fixings.  I had no clue what most of the stuff was but nevertheless it all tasted really good and for about two US dollars we ate until we could eat no more!

After our noodles we wanted to visit the Ben Thanh Market, which is famous in Saigon.  Our scooter drivers happily took us there and we kindly thanked and paid them for their services. (Although they wanted to say with us for the rest of the day and show us the whole city.)  Inside the market was EVERYTHING you could possible want. From perfume, to handbags, to shoes, to clothes, to produce, to flowers I could keep going and going.  Think of it as the super Wal-Mart of Saigon, one stop shopping, however here you can negotiate the price of everything.  We walked around for a long time, amazed by all the sights and sounds and then we decided to walk back to the center of town and visit the Rex Hotel for lunch at the famous Rooftop Bar.  The Rex Hotel was were all the US reporters stayed during the war and the Rooftop Bar became THE hangout spot.  The rooftop of the hotel offered wonderful views of the city center and we had a lovely time enjoying our last few hours in Saigon lunching and sipping on the hotels specialty cocktails…


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